3, 17251(a) and (b), and 17268, Education Code.

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O. Apr 12, 2023 · The Local Educational Agency Medi-Cal Billing Option Program (LEA BOP) was established in 1993, in collaboration with the California Department of Education (CDE), to fund Health Start Programs.

regulations to govern student conduct and discipline (Ed.

California Education Code 49050.

In 2019–20, African American students made up 5. . California Education Code 49050.

But if your school wants to single you out for a metal detector search, it must have a “reasonable suspicion” that it will find something against the law or school rules.

4th 556, 562 [“California fulfills its obligations [for campus security] by requiring each school. Higher Education Student Housing. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg,File.

*The total enrollment count includes students enrolled in charter schools. 06, and reimbursement is based upon a "fee-for-service" model.


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First, your school must have a “reasonable suspicion” that searching you. .

Brandishing a knife at another person – CA Education Code 48915 (c)(2). The Education Code describes several such acts,.

Note: Authority cited: sections 17251(b) and 33031, Education Code.
Laws & Regulations.

(b) Removing or arranging any or all of the clothing of a pupil to permit a visual inspection of the underclothing, breast, buttocks, or genitalia of the pupil.


1 California Education Code § 49050. Kindergarten—average class size not to exceed 31 students; no class larger than 33 students. 66000-101149.

A teacher may use reasonable force in order to quell a disturbance, protect others, in self-defense or to take possession of weapons. Reference: sections 17072. California students are protected from discrimination or harassment based on sexual orientation or gender identification. Ed. The CDE receives calls each year from former private school students searching for copies of their private school records at the request of an employer or educational program.


Sep 24, 2015 · You always have a right to refuse a search and you should make clear that a search is taking place over your objection. detector at the front door to make all students pass through.

The following is a broad overview of the Education Code.

Laws Related to Supporting LGBTQ+ Students The FAIR Education Act.


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